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Press Releases

Ohmcraft Celebrates Record Year of Growth

April 3, 2018|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 3, 2018 — For the second consecutive year, Ohmcraft—a leader in thick-film, high-voltage, precision resistor design and manufacturing—is celebrating record revenue growth. As the company’s fiscal year comes to a close, its sales have increased by more than 20 percent in each of the past two consecutive [...]

Ohmcraft Meets Growing Demand for High Performance Resistors with $500,000 in Capital Investments

March 2, 2018|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 2, 2018 — To support rising demand for its products, Ohmcraft—a leader in thick-film, high-voltage, high-precision resistor design and manufacturing—recently made more than $500,000 in capital investments. The upgrades have enabled Ohmcraft to increase capacity and capabilities in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility without compromising its unmatched lead [...]

Ohmcraft Resistors Help Ensure Accuracy of DNA Analysis

February 9, 2018|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., February 9, 2018 — From paternity tests to forensic science applications, microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (micro-CE) equipment is most commonly used to analyze DNA in medical applications. Within seconds, this technology separates molecules based on size, and resulting data is organized depending on the purpose of the test. For [...]

Ohmcraft Resistors Enable Accuracy of NIST Tradeable Measurement Equipment

November 29, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., November 29, 2017 — With test and measurement equipment, accuracy and reliability are paramount. Ohmcraft’s thick-film, high voltage, high precision resistors are utilized by the world’s top manufacturers of measurement equipment that must adhere to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability standards. NIST, as part [...]

Ohmcraft Surface Mount Resistors Ensure Safety and Reliability of Conductive Electrical Weapons

November 9, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov 9, 2017 — A stun gun is classified as an electroshock weapon. It is employed by firing two small, projectile-like electrodes that attach themselves to the recipient before delivering a non-lethal electrical pulse to disrupt muscle control, thereby rendering the person temporarily incapacitated. In law enforcement, stun [...]

Ohmcraft High Voltage Resistors Enable Explosive Trace Detection in Airport Security Screenings

September 28, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sep 28, 2017 — Modern-day air travel involves advanced security screenings that have become commonplace for the nearly 740 million passengers subject to them each year. Part of these screenings can involve the random use of explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment, which the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) relies [...]

Ohmcraft Ultra-High Resistance Resistors Enable Piezoelectric Sensors to Function in Variety of Applications

August 17, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug 17, 2017 — Piezoelectric sensors—which measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain or force by converting them to an electrical charge1—are utilized in countless applications. From keeping time inside a clock to sensing pressure on the screen of a smartphone, from detecting a car crash for the [...]

Tektronix Utilizes Custom Resistors from Ohmcraft in its Sensitive Test & Measurement Equipment

August 9, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug 9, 2017 — In test labs around the world, scientists and researchers use sensitive measurement tools every day. Ohmcraft manufactures custom, ultra-high resistance resistors that ensure this equipment meets industry standards for accuracy and reliability. Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of a wide array of test and [...]

Ohmcraft Resistors Increases Effectiveness of Airport Security Screenings

July 19, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 19, 2017 — Last year, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) screened more than 466 million checked bags, and nearly 740 million passengers and their carry-on belongings. Manufacturers of airport security X-ray scanners leverage high resistance chip resistors from Ohmcraft to provide officers with efficient, high-quality images that [...]

Ohmcraft High Precision Resistors Help Ensure Automated External Defibrillator Efficacy and Reliability

July 6, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 6, 2017 — In the aftermath of sudden cardiac arrest, an automated external defibrillator—also known as a portable defibrillator or AED—is the swiftest, most effective treatment. These small, powerful machines must be effective and reliable, as it can mean the difference between life and death—and Ohmcraft’s high [...]

Harris Night Vision Goggles Leverage Ohmcraft Small Form Factor, High Voltage Resistors to Lighten the Load for Soldiers

June 19, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 19, 2017 — When on a mission, soldiers are often limited to utilizing only the equipment they can carry on their bodies, yet they must be prepared for varied environments—rain or shine, day or night. Harris Corporation’s Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggles (SENVG) enable soldiers to see [...]

NASA Employs Ohmcraft Resistors for Rover Exploration on Mars

June 6, 2017|

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 6, 2017 — To determine whether Mars could ever have supported life and prepare for human exploration, NASA deployed its Curiosity robotic rover into space nearly five years ago. Since then, the car-sized rover has been exploring the planet, gathering and analyzing samples of organic matter obtained [...]

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