Leaded Resistors

Precision Leaded Through Hole Resistors for Demanding Applications

Exxelia Ohmcraft precision leaded through hole resistors are manufactured with our patented Micropen® technology to create a unique serpentine design that withstands voltages up to 100kV and provides an unmatched level of performance and stability.

Leaded Resistors

Exxelia Ohmcraft leaded resistors are respected across continents for delivering superior benefits, including:

  • Low noise
  • Excellent tracking
  • VCR to 0.1 ppm/V
  • Values up to 4T
  • Tolerances to 0.1%
  • High stability
  • TCR to 10 ppm/°C

With more than 25 years of design and manufacturing expertise, working in tandem with some of the most respected corporations, laboratories, and research institutions around the world, our leaded resistor product portfolio is extensive, encompassing multiple types of products:

High Voltage Radial Leaded Resistors (HVR)

Our proprietary Micropen® electronic printing technology enables superior precision, thick film high voltage radial leaded (HVR) resistors. These products provide a superior level of performance and stability.

High Voltage Radial Leaded Dividers (HVD)

Our proprietary Micropen® electronic printing technology enables superior precision, thick film, high voltage radial leaded (HVD) dividers. For applications where outstanding ratio tracking and stability are important.

Custom Leaded Resistors Networks (CN)

Ohmcraft’s revolutionary Micropen® electronic printing technology provides an entirely new level of performance and stability in custom leaded resistor networks.

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