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Custom LENA resistor close up

Every day, we receive a phone call or email that starts out with, “We have an idea…” Many of the world’s most respected and innovative companies, research institutions and government agencies have chosen Exxelia Ohmcraft as a trusted collaborator, working with us to explore new possibilities for custom solutions that cross boundaries once thought out of reach.

Thanks to our proprietary Micropen® printing technology, we can precisely print fine, conformal traces of functional materials directly onto three-dimensional objects opening the door to unique design engineering applications.

Over the past several years, our team of experienced materials scientists and engineers have investigated and co-developed products that have included woven, wearable microelectronics; containment domes with precise temperature controls for the pharmaceutical industry; and new methods of on-ceramic topographic printing for security-focused instrumentation. Where other additive printing technologies fall short, the combination of our Micropen technology and our renowned expertise in inks, substrates and pattern design have led to breakthroughs for partner companies large and small.

Custom Resistor

Our call to Dream Bigger, Design Better is more than a slogan. It’s how we work with our own teams and partners each and every day. Contact us today for a personal, confidential discussion about your own innovative application to see how we can make it come to life faster, easier and better.

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Low Energy Neutral Atom Imager (Lena)

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space utilized 8 custom cylindrical high voltage resistors ranging from 539MΩ to 11.138GΩ ±1%.

These resistors are part of the structure of the LENA instrument IMAGE satellite.

Decade Divider50KV Low VCR Custom Size for Handheld Application

This custom resistor replaces many surface mount resistors in series to minimize Voltage Coefficient of Resistance (VCR).  This allows engineers to design very small high voltage power supplies with exceptional voltage linearity.

1G Seven Decade Divider 0.25% 25PPM/C For Military Application

In this military application, the custom high voltage resistor network provides a 1 to 1,000,000 gain that is required for precision night vision equipment.

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