Precision Resistors for the World’s Most Advanced Medical Applications.

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s high-performance resistors enable medical product designers to continue to improve the quality of life of patients around the world. Our resistors are designed for a variety of products to be used in medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. From small, implantable, and non-invasive devices, to large diagnostic imaging equipment, Exxelia Ohmcraft resistors are chosen by medical manufacturers because the operating environments are high voltage and magnetic fields where accuracy and stability are paramount. Our Exxelia Ohmcraft serpentine patterned resistors produce superior electrical characteristics, including:

  • Superior TCR and VCR
  • Low Noise
  • High Voltage
  • High Ohmic Values
  • Pulse Handling Capability
  • Tolerances to 0.1%

Medical Instruments and Equipment

Medical Bed and Equipment in Hospital

Exxelia Ohmcraft is committed to enabling medical instrument and equipment manufacturers to continue miniaturizing their products without comprising on performance. Physicians and their patients rely on our resistors to maximize the functionality and reliability of designed for each device. Our unique Micropen® precision printing technology produces the pulse-handling capabilities needed for critical medical circuits. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s resistors are found in most defibrillators and across the spectrum of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom


  • External defibrillators
  • Internal defibrillators
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) systems

Medical Instrumentation

Improvements to patient monitoring, diagnostic, analytic and medication delivery systems have resulted in an increased quality of patient care. These patient-interface instruments require highly stable components to ensure the accuracy of critical data needed by physicians, nurses, and diagnosticians. Micropen® precision printing technology enables us to manufacture high ohmic-value resistors with ultra-tight TCR and VCRs capable of producing the critical measurements and data required to diagnose, treat and prevent further medical action.

Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom


  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Medical power supplies
  • Respiratory systems
  • Drug pumps
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Prosthetics
  • Medical cables
  • Blood analyzers
  • Laboratory analyzers
  • DNA analyzers

Diagnostic Imaging

Advances in diagnostic imaging have led to more accurate and precise diagnoses. As a result, more treatment and preventative options become available to patients. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s resistors are used for many diagnostic imaging applications based on proven reliability and functionality. Imaging equipment manufacturers rely on our leaded and surface-mount resistors to provide the precision and performance required by advanced imaging methods. Tightly controlled TCR and VCR, low noise, and enhanced ESD tolerance make Exxelia Ohmcraft’s high-voltage and high-value resistors a premium component to any medical imaging application.

Products: HVC, SM, HVR, HVD, and Custom


  • CT units
  • X-ray systems
  • Ultrasound devices
  • Mammography devices
  • Nuclear imaging systems
  • PET scanners
  • Radiography devices
  • MRI devices

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s sister division, Exxelia Micropen Medical is at the forefront of medical device product development, providing design engineers with unique insights on conceiving and implementing new designs and features. 

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