Custom Leaded Resistor Networks (CN Series)


Our patented Micropen® precision printing technology provides superior precision, thick-film custom through hole leaded resistors and networks.

VCR Tracking

  • Resistance Values to 2 Gigohms
  • Voltage ratings to 100,000 Volts
  • Ultra High Stability
  • Very Low Noise
  • TCR Tracking to 5 ppm/°C
  • TCR to 10 ppm/°C
  • VCR to 0.05 ppm/V
  • Tolerances to 0.1%

The usual hybrid technologies for manufacturing resistors depend upon composite materials that have limitations. Traditional thick-film methods severely limit performance characteristics and thin-film methods are limited in attainable ohmic values. The precision printing method of manufacturing offers the best characteristics of both methods, plus adds many unique features. Precision printed resistors feature a longer, high-aspect ratio trace of lower resistivity film. The combination of long line, high-aspect ratio, and higher conductivity film, give Ohmcraft resistors unmatched design efficiency, versatility, linearity, stability and low noise. The Micropen precision printing technology allows control of process parameters to very tight tolerances. The result is networks with outstanding tracking performance over a wide range of temperature, voltage and ohmic values.

Design Flexibility

Network DesignThe long serpentine pattern used in manufacturing Ohmcraft’s Custom Networks (CNs), coupled with the use of low ohms/ square thick film inks, makes it possible to create virtually any divider ratio. For example, Ohmcraft produces 7 decade networks (20K to 20G ohm) with precision ratio tolerances. What are your needs? Low noise, low TCR, low VCR, and many other features add up to the finest leaded networks in the market today.

We would be glad to work with you on your custom resistor or network needs:

Because each network is different, there is no standard part number. Each network is assigned it’s own number as it is received by the factory. To obtain a quote on a network, please contact us and include the following information:

  • A schematic & physical diagram showing how all of the resistors interconnect.
  • The value of each resistor.
  • The desired TCR value (ppm/oC) VCR (ppm/V) and associated tracking requirements.
  • Overall tolerance, and the tolerances for each individual component value.
  • Type & length of the leads.

Custom Configurations Available Upon Request

Please consult with our knowledgeable sales staff for help specifying custom parts to meet your needs.

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