ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug 9, 2017 — In test labs around the world, scientists and researchers use sensitive measurement tools every day. Ohmcraft manufactures custom, ultra-high resistance resistors that ensure this equipment meets industry standards for accuracy and reliability. Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of a wide array of test and measurement equipment, utilizes Ohmcraft’s precision resistors in its Keithley portfolio of low-level, sensitive and specialty instruments.

Ohmcraft’s high resistance resistors have resistance values as high as 4 TeraOhms and seven decade value resistor networks with resistance values ranging from 20k Ohms to 20 GigaOhms in a single package.

“In this type of sensitive measurement application, resistors play a critical role in the overall accuracy of the instrument. The more accurate the resistors are, the more accurate the measurement will be,” said Eric Van Wormer, Vice President of the Ohmcraft division of Micropen Technologies. “For the Keithley line of products, we were able to work with the Tektronix team to develop highly customized resistors to meet their specific needs, which included ultra-high stability and accuracy.”

Ohmcraft’s thick-film, surface mount resistors are engineered to meet application specific needs. Its technology utilizes the proprietary Micropen electronic printing system to “print” precise, narrow, serpentine lines with resistive ink on a ceramic substrate, producing higher performance resistors over a wider range of values on a smaller surface area than is possible with conventional film resistor technology.

About Ohmcraft

Ohmcraft’s thick-film resistors are engineered to meet application specific needs. Our proprietary Micropen printing technology is the foundation for Ohmcraft’s family of resistor products. Ohmcraft precision resistors are manufactured with our patented Micropen® technology to create a unique serpentine design that withstands voltages up to 100kV and provides an unmatched level of performance and stability. For more information, visit