Power Supply

High Voltage and Superior Performance: Power Supply

Lighting in SkyExxelia Ohmcraft has been committed to supporting the high-voltage and precision needed by the power supply industry. We provide many market leaders with standard and custom products. Our surface mount resistors can withstand voltages up to 10kV and our leaded resistors are designed to operate up to 40kV.

Power Supply Applications

Our Exxelia Ohmcraft serpentine patterned resistors produce superior electrical characteristics, including:

  • High voltage to 40kV
  • Tightly controlled TCR and VCR
  • Enhanced thermal management
  • Unmatched design flexibility
  • Extremely tight tolerance to 0.1%
  • Improved ESD tolerance
  • Superior linearity and stability
  • Low noise
  • Custom designs


Our experience with applications that require high-voltage, high-performance resistors is extensive, encompassing multiple types of products:

  • High-voltage power supplies
  • Linear power supplies
  • Voltage multipliers
  • Medical power supplies
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Switching power supplies
  • Programmable power supplies
  • DC-to-DC converters
  • Bench-top power supplies

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