Hybrid Chip Series (HC Series)


Exxelia Ohmcraft’s revolutionary fine line, thick film technology provides an entirely new level of performance and stability in chip resistors.

  • Resistance Values to 50 Gigohms
  • Very Small Package Sizes
  • Ultra High Stability
  • Very Low Noise
  • Tolerances to 0.1%
  • TCR to 25 ppm/°C
  • VCR to 1 ppm/V
  • Custom Configurations

The usual hybrid technologies for manufacturing resistors depend upon composite materials that have limitations. Traditional thick-film methods severely limit performance characteristics and thin-film methods are limited in attainable ohmic values. The Exxelia Ohmcraft method of manufacturing offers the best characteristics of both methods, plus adds many unique features. Exxelia Ohmcraft resistors feature a longer, high-aspect ratio trace of lower resistivity film. The combination of long line, high-aspect ratio, and higher conductivity film, give Exxelia Ohmcraft resistors unmatched design efficiency, versatility, linearity, stability and low noise. The Exxelia Ohmcraft method allows control of process parameters to very tight tolerances. The result is chip resistors with outstanding stability and performance.

HC Low NoiseOhmcraft resistors exhibit exceptional noise characteristics. The graph on the right demonstrates the comparison of a resistor written by Ohmcraft, and an equivalent resistor printed using a standard thick-film process. The longer serpentine path which uses lower resistivity inks, and the smoother edges created by “writing” rather than “screening” combine to make one of the lowest noise generating resistors in the market.

HC Ratings

1 Other customer case sizes are available.
2 The continuous maximum voltage applied cannot exceed the maximum power rating.

HC Case Dim
L = Length
W = Width
T = Thickness
D = Pad Dimension

HC Case Size

Custom configurations available: Ohmic values to 50 Gigohms, non-standard case sizes

Test Maximum ΔR
Moisture Resistance 0.1%
Load Life 0.1%
Shock (pulse) 0.1%
Shock (thermal) 0.1%
Overload 0.1%
Parameter Typical
Insulation Resistance over 100 Gigohms, dry
Dielectric Strength >1000 Volts
Solderability ≥ 95% Coverage

HC LinearityLow VCR

Low Voltage Coefficient of Resistance (VCR) minimizes the voltage error associated with standard chip resistors.

Rated Power

Rated power is the maximum value of power (watts), which can be continuously applied to a resistor at a rated ambient temperature. The basic mathematical relationships are:

Power = I2 * R = V2/R = I * V

If the circuit designs permits, the choice of a higher ohmic value resistor will minimize the power level and improve the resistor’s performance because it is operating at a lower power and temperature level.

HC Derating Curve

Power Derating Curve

High Stability

Ohmcraft’s resistors feature low noise, and high stability at high ohmic values due to their high square count and associated design characteristics.

Custom Configurations Available Upon Request

Please consult with our knowledgeable sales staff for help specifying custom parts to meet your needs.

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