ROCHESTER, N.Y., September 7, 2018 — To achieve the unmatched quality of the paint finish on a new car, automobile manufacturers employ industrial electrostatic paint sprayers. For more than 20 years, Ohmcraft has supplied the custom, high-voltage resistor dividers that the makers of this electrostatic equipment need to ensure accuracy of the paint application.

Electrostatic paint sprayers apply an electric charge to the paint—up to 100kV—while the vehicle is grounded. When the electrostatically charged paint leaves the nozzle of the sprayer, it is attracted to the grounded surface of the automobile and will stick to it. And because the paint particles have the same charge, they will stay separated from each other, resulting in better distribution and more even coverage.

“Automobile manufacturers require extremely high voltage accuracy on their automatic industrial paint sprayers to ensure the professional look and integrity of the paint finish,” said Eric Van Wormer, Vice President of the Ohmcraft division of Micropen Technologies. “Years ago, leaders in electrostatic paint spraying turned to Ohmcraft for custom precision resistors designed to the unique specifications of their equipment. These are some of the most precise resistors we make—the higher the accuracy of the resistors used in these sprayers, the higher the quality of the paint job.”

Ohmcraft’s thick-film, surface mount resistors are engineered to meet this application’s specific needs. Its technology utilizes the proprietary Micropen electronic printing system to “print” precise, narrow, serpentine lines with resistive ink on a ceramic substrate, producing higher performance resistors over a wider range of values on a smaller surface area than is possible with conventional film resistor technology.

About Ohmcraft

Ohmcraft’s thick-film resistors are engineered to meet application specific needs. Our proprietary Micropen printing technology is the foundation for Ohmcraft’s family of resistor products. Ohmcraft precision resistors are manufactured with our patented Micropen® technology to create a unique serpentine design that withstands voltages up to 100kV and provides an unmatched level of performance and stability. For more information, visit