ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 4, 2019 — From aiding in medical diagnoses to scanning baggage at the world’s airports, from scientific analysis to industrial inspection, X-ray technology has been useful in a variety of applications for more than a century. And for 20 years, Ohmcraft has manufactured the precision resistors required to create the accurate high voltage necessary in an X-ray source.

To create an image, an X-ray tube is energized and converts that power into X-rays. The X-ray radiation is emitted from the source toward the object to be inspected, and any unabsorbed radiation that passes through the object is picked up by a pair of detectors.

“For the detectors to understand what has been received, the equipment must first know exactly the amount of radiation that left the X-ray tube. As such, the stability and reliability of Ohmcraft’s high-voltage leaded resistors are critical to this operation,” said Eric Van Wormer, Vice President of the Ohmcraft division of Micropen Technologies. “The accuracy of the resistor ensures the voltage emitted from the X-ray source is reliable, which is essential to maximizing the information interpreted from the outputs.”

X-ray sources typically operate at 30kV to 200kV. Leading manufacturers of X-ray sources choose Ohmcraft resistors for their stability and reliability at these high voltages.

Ohmcraft’s thick-film, surface mount resistors are engineered to meet application specific needs. Its technology utilizes the proprietary Micropen electronic printing system to “print” precise, narrow, serpentine lines with resistive ink on a ceramic substrate, producing higher performance resistors over a wider range on a smaller surface area than is possible with conventional film resistor technology.

About Ohmcraft

Ohmcraft’s thick-film resistors are engineered to meet application specific needs. Our proprietary Micropen printing technology is the foundation for Ohmcraft’s family of resistor products. Ohmcraft precision resistors are manufactured with our patented Micropen® technology to create a unique serpentine design that withstands voltages up to 100kV and provides an unmatched level of performance and stability. For more information, visit