ROCHESTER, N.Y., October 6, 2022 — / — While many parts of military aircraft, weapons, and equipment are built to last decades, some components—such as electronics—must be periodically updated to ensure continued safety and reliability.

For decades, military contractors have turned to Exxelia Ohmcraft to provide custom, high-voltage resistors to replace legacy parts, helping to extend the lifespan of these critical resources.

The primary challenge in keeping the aircraft and equipment operational is that most of the parts needing replacement are no longer available from the original vendors.

“Since many of these systems were developed 40 to 50 years ago, some components can be incredibly difficult to source,” said John Miller, Vice President of Exxelia Ohmcraft. “At Exxelia Ohmcraft, we partner directly with the engineers to design custom precision resistors to not only replace these legacy components but to modernize them. With the advancements we’ve made in technology, these parts are even better than they were before.”

The life-or-death nature of many military applications—and the extreme environmental conditions in which missions can take place—demand the highest quality and reliability. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s custom resistors are designed to withstand and support the rigorous specifications required by military suppliers who depend on the precision and accuracy of their products.

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s technology utilizes the proprietary Micropen electronic printing system to “print” precise, narrow, serpentine lines with resistive ink on a ceramic substrate, producing higher performance resistors over a wider range of values on a smaller surface area than is possible with conventional film resistor technology.

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Exxelia Ohmcraft’s thick-film, surface-mount resistors are engineered to meet application-specific needs. Our proprietary Micropen printing technology is the foundation for Exxelia Ohmcraft’s family of resistor products. Exxelia Ohmcraft’s precision leaded resistors are manufactured with our patented Micropen technology to create a unique serpentine design that withstands voltages up to 100kV and provides an unmatched level of performance and stability. For more information, visit

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